Concordia Lutheran Church - Crosby, ND

On this page, you can find information about Concordia's congregation council, its committees, other leadership and the current constitution and bylaws.

Concordia's congregation council is made up of 12 members, elected by the congregation in November.  Terms last three years and are staggered so that each year one third of the body must be replaced.  Council members are encouraged to serve on at least one committee and to report on the business of that committee at each council meeting.  There is currently one vacancy on the council which we hope to fill in the next month.  The 2010 council members are listed as follows:

President - Frank Simmons
Vice-President - Myra Osvold
Secretary - Joyce Ekness
Mabel Throntveit
Sue Grundstad
Becky Knudson
Brian Swanson
Bev Dokken
Heather Larson
Diane Osvold
Jim Simonson

Most of the committees at Concordia are served by volunteers.  Exceptions include the Nominating Committee and Audit Committee which are elected by the congregation and the council, respectively.

For specific information on the individual committees, please click on their names and you'll be taken to the appropriate page.

Nominations Committee
Audit Committee
Stewardship Committee
Work Groups
Outreach Committee
Worship Committee
Property Management Committee
Gifts & Memorials Committee
Finance Committee
Education Committee

Sue Grundstad - Work Group Coordinator

Elaine Nygaard - Altar Guild Coordinator

In addition to the council, Concordia is thankful for the following leaders in the congregation:

Julie Unhjem - Parish Worker

Ed Retzer - Choir Director & Organist

Jane Owens - Sunday School Coordinator

Heather Larson - Youth Choir Director

To see Concordia's constitution and by-laws, please click here.