Concordia Lutheran Church - Crosby, ND

The mission of the Concordia Quilters is to provide quality quilts for those in the world with the most need.  Quilts are made primarily to be sent to other parts of the world through Lutheran World Relief, but others are made as gifts for newly baptized members of Concordia, some are sent to Divide County Social Services and the Upper Missouri Ministries as well as other needs that arise both locally and globally.  In 2009, the quilters made 220 quilts which went to the following destinations:

Lutheran World Relief - 190 quilts
Divide County Social Services - 13 quilts
Baptized members - 11 quilts
Upper Missouri Ministries - 3 quilts
Local family who lost their home due to a fire - 2 quilts
Divide County Schools after prom party - 1 quilt

In addition to the quilts, the 2009 quilters assembled 82 Layettes, 70 School Kits, 36 Health Kits and 6 Sewing Kits to be sent to Lutheran World Relief and numerous blankets, sheets, pillowcases and other supplies that were sent to Dickinson, ND following a devastating tornado there in the summer of 2009.

Materials are donated by folks from both Concordia and the wider Crosby community.

The quilters pose with a quilt destined for Lutheran World Relief