Concordia Lutheran Church - Crosby, ND

Sunday School is an integral part of a person's faith development.  This is especially true for young people who are in the early years of their faith journey.  Concordia has a vibrant Sunday School program for children pre-school age through sixth grade which meets from 9:15-10:15 each Sunday morning from September through May.  Music, Bible study, stories and fun activities are all part of our curriculum.  As of June 1, Heather Larson is our new Sunday School coordinator.  If you'd like more information on the classes, teachers or curriculum, please contact Heather or call the church office at (701) 965-6074.

The Education Committee oversees the work of the Sunday School.  Meetings are held monthly during the school year and as needed during the summer months.  Primary responsbilities include planning for the school year, organizing classes and teachers, choosing curriculum and carrying out other activities such as Rally Sunday, the Lenten Workshop for Families and the Advent Workshop for Families.  2010 members of the Education Committee are: Jane Owens, Heather Larson & Myra Osvold (council representative).