Concordia Lutheran Church - Crosby, ND

Divide County LYO

Concordia, along with the other ELCA congregations in Divide County, ND, supports our high school youth through their participation in the Lutheran Youth Organization (LYO). The LYO is a church-wide expression for young people. For more information, click here.

The Divide County LYO normally meets on the second Sunday of each month from 5-7pm at Concordia. In addition to having regular business meetings at this time, a meal is shared and the members participate in some type of activity or project.

Remember!!!  Our next meeting will be at Concordia on Sunday, May 16 at 5:00PM.  We will be having our regular business meeting and doing some planning for the Summer trip.  See you there!

Painting the new youth room!

At our October, 2009 meeting, we collected 645 pounds of food and other necessities for the Divide County Food Pantry!